What if an item is “out of stock”?

Please make an enquiry on if an item is out of stock and we may be able to pre-order the same / or similar item in the next shipment.

 Do you do commission work?​

Yes absolutely! I would love to create a beautiful masterpiece for your home. I work in collaboration with you, so together, we bring your vision to life.

What Paints and Products do you use?

I currently use a chalk-based paint that is eco-friendly and child-safe.

Can you customize any piece of furniture?

I would love to say yes, but would need to assess the piece in question. It would depend on a number of variables eg: damage, borer etc

 Can I view an item before purchasing?

Yes, of course! I am based in Pukekohe. We want you to absolutely love the pieces you buy, so feel free to email or call me to set up a time to view. I am also offering virtual tours of each item on request.

Shipping and Delivery

For smaller items, we will be using Parcel Port to arrange pick up and delivery, and for larger items we will be using Mainfreight2Home. Please note that all shipping lead times are outlined by region when you go to purchase your beautiful item. Feel free to arrange your own shipping if you would prefer, and pick ups are allowed.